Tomasz Gravil

Writer of Short Fiction.

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My short story Estrangement has been published by Bandit Fiction! It is available to read now, for free:


Featured Short Stories

Don’t You Know There’s a Sickness?

An original Were-Creature story. In the year 1929, in the small coastal village of Shale-by-the-Sea, England, a lonely lighthouse keeper starts acting strangely. It’s up to Reverend Alan Greenwood to find out why.

“Bill’s eyes flittered between Pat and I as though they were trying to wriggle free from his skull, as though something behind them were giving chase. ‘The sickness,’ he said. ‘God, don’t you people know there’s a sickness?’”


For years now, two families have been competing to win an elsusive prize; the best Christmas decorations in the neighborhood. James Cartwright is desperate to win. But how far will he go?

“So anyway, that’s when things started to go wrong. At first it was just the odd flicker, you know? Like a reading lamp running out of batteries. Then it became more frequent, more jarring. The entire house, clad in a thick winter coat of electricity, began to pulsate rhythmically. Next came the noise.

Driving Home For Christmas

On a snowy Christmas Eve, Mark and Christina happen upon a dead body by the side of a country road. In their mutual state of drunken panic, they make a terrible decision that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

“The rear end of the car, just like the dead man’s lower half, was jutting out into the opposing lane. The tail lights intermittently poured a deep red glow over his motionless legs, while everything above the waist was concealed within the dense pile of snow left behind by the plough.

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